Charisma Brands Pink Glitter Baby Stroller

*Doll pictured is sold separately*

Be glitzy and glam with Adora Glam Glitter Shade Umbrella Stroller! Take your baby dolls out today with this interactive baby doll stroller featuring motion-activated lights on the wheels, and attractive glittery pink fabric, perfect for the little trendsetters ages 2 and up. This will definitely engage your kids in glitter joy and fun as they watch the wheels light up in motion! It even has safety straps to keep your little one’s baby dolls and plush snug and secure.

Adora Glam Glitter Shade Umbrella Stroller can fit stuffed animals, plush, and vinyl dolls up to 20 inches in height like our Toddler dolls, and perfectly complements the Glam Glitter Car Seat Carrier as you buckle up for more adventures! This doll accessory with motion-activated wheel lights also has double wheels for easy steering and extra stability. It even folds up for easy storage and unfolds when you're ready for play! Adora’s Accessories have the Adora Difference! Safety Tested, Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, and Made with Love. For children ages 2 and up.