Glimmer Wish Unicorn Kids Conditioner

Cruelty Free | Gluten Free | Dermatologist Tested | Sulfate & Sulfite Free | Paraben Free | PEG & EDTA Free | 100% Vegan |

Glimmered in the USA Keeping that mane looking fabulous requires a fabulous conditioner! Ours is the perfect follow-up to the Unicorn Shampoo, a pearly sweet conditioner that will nourish, and moisturize hair to keep it looking Unicorn perfect!

 This magical conditioner makes hair as strong and shiny as the Unicorn’s mane. Pink, and cotton candy scented, it's made with coconut and macadamia seed oils to help strengthen and smooth hair - making it easy to detangle without breakage. Aloe leaf juice adds moisture and shine, too!